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Los mejores consejos para viajar en familia
The worst ideas for family holidays
Family holidays is a great time to reconnect and experience the world together. As a family, you’re usually occupied with things like work, school, chores, and extra-mural activities, so it’s nice to take a break now and then. However, not all family holidays are created equal. Sometimes they’re memorable for all the wrong reasons. Here are some of the worst ideas for family holidays:

The rough terrain holiday

Before you had kids, you could do just about anything. Steep cliffs and narrow roads weren’t an obstacle, but an exciting challenge. But if you have toddlers or babies that need to be pushed around in a stroller, this holiday might not be ideal for you. Can you rent a car and explore the surroundings? Is there public transport easily available? Probably not. Although beautiful, the Amalfi Coast in Italy is a great example of an unsuitable destination for young children.


The road trip to nowhere

A spontaneous road trip might sound good in theory, but it’s not an adventure you want to take with younger kids. Driving around for hours, listening to ‘wheels of the bus go round and round’, with bickering kids, and constant potty stops you’ll soon want to turn your car around and drive back home. You could have a completely different and more positive experience, but it’s better not to take the chance, especially if it’s a long trip and you haven’t booked accommodation in advance.


The rainy destination

Rainy weather and holidays don’t go hand in hand. If you didn’t check the weather, or you thought it would be nice to spend some time indoors chances are your kids are going to be extremely bored and grumpy. It could be fun if you have a lot of games and movies, but if you have active kids who prefer the outdoors, leaden skies and wet weather won’t cut it for them.


The amusement park holiday

Overpriced food, waiting in line after line, the fear of losing your kids in the crowd, or having your five-year-old throw a tantrum because he’s not big enough to ride ‘The Intimidator 305’ it’s pretty clear why booking an amusement park holiday is one of the worst ideas for family holidays. Amusement parks can be fun (for a few hours), but it might be tiring to base your entire holiday around it. It’s never as fun as it seems, and you always end up spending way more money than you expected.


The idyllic retreat in the middle of nowhere

You picture yourself relaxing by the pool and doing a bit of wandering, but you mainly plan on sleeping, eating good food, and getting a massage. This might sound like heaven to you, but to an inquisitive child or young teen, it might be the most boring thing they’ve ever heard of. Unless there are fun facilities and activities nearby, you probably won’t have the most relaxing holiday.


When thinking of ideas for family holidays, ‘relaxing retreat’ shouldn’t be on the list, because let’s face it, holidays with kids are never relaxing.


Now that we’ve given you some of the worst ideas for family holidays, you can avoid those situations by booking a stay at Marjal Costa Blanca Camping Resort. It has everything you need for a successful holiday. With beautiful beaches and great weather, holidays in Costa Blanca will never disappoint. And as one of the most entertainment-packed family resorts in Alicante, guests of all ages are guaranteed to have the time of their lives – whether you’re staying in our modern camping plots or fully equipped bungalows.

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