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Los mejores consejos para viajar en familia
Tips and tricks for caravanning in Europe
If you’ve never gone caravanning in Europe before, it’s something you’ll definitely want to try. It has some of the most beautiful scenery, and few places in the world offer the diversity of culture, history, food, drink and language that Europe offers. And since caravanning in Europe is so popular, there are many great caravanning facilities available. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started:

Avoid the busy months

Try to avoid July and August, as the majority of locals and tourists take their holidays during this period. This means that the roads, attractions, and facilities will be busier than usual. If you have no other choice than to travel during this period, then make sure you book all your campsites in advance. Exploring new places as you drive is a great adventure, but it’s better to be safe and ensure you have a place to stay.


Do research

Research the regions you want to visit before going on your trip. What’s the weather like? Do you need an International Camping Card? What legal documentation and equipment do you need? If you plan to visit towns, monuments, beaches, etc., then invest in good guide books. A good guide book can instantly inform you of the best places to visit, opening times, history, language, and more. Instead of individually googling every attraction, a guide book will have a list of everything you need to know in one place.


Learn the basics of the local language

Some of Europe’s best caravanning sites and facilities are in France, Italy, and Spain. If you’re planning on visiting one of these destinations, try to learn some of the basics, as English isn’t the predominant language. Learning a little of the language of the country you’re visiting will also make a big difference to the way people treat you, especially in France, where people don’t like to speak English even if they understand it. Duolingo is a great app you can use to learn a range of languages for free.


Use GPS or road maps

Since you’re not familiar with the surroundings, it will help to get a GPS unit or a map of the areas you plan on visiting when caravanning in Europe. If you are buying a GPS unit make sure it contains maps for all the countries you intend to visit. Michelin Maps are great for almost every European country, so make sure to get this if you prefer something a bit more traditional.


Know the dimensions of your vehicle

Make sure to measure the height and length of your vehicle. If you come across a narrow gap or low bridge, you obviously need to know if your caravan is going to fit. We recommend measuring your vehicle yourself, don't rely on manufacturer details, especially if you have additions which could alter the original dimensions.


Be prepared

Do you know what equipment you’ll need for meeting the legal requirements when caravanning in Europe? It will vary from country to country, but in Spain, for e.g., you’ll need two warning triangles, a spare tyre, a reflective jacket, spare bulbs and a nationality sticker. Any overhanging loads, such as bike racks, need to have red and white marker boards attached. Make sure you keep an electric heater, it saves on propane during chilly nights, and you can just plug it in at the campground. Love The Outdoors gives a comprehensive list of all the camping essentials you’ll need. Proper planning is the best insurance for a smooth travel experience in Europe.

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